Vegetables grown by season

Spring : mesclun ,lettuce ,broad beans,kale,cabbage,carrots,turnips,spinach ,brussel sprouts ,shallots ,asparagus ,globe artichokes

Summer:mesclun,lettuce,warragulgreens,chard,collards,courgettes,runner beans,peas,tomatoes,capsicum

Autumn: potatoes lettuce turnips mesclun,squash,tomatoes,onions,spring onions


Winter  potatoes,celeriac,turnips,swedes,kohl rabi ,cabbage ,broccoli,carrots,pumpkin,leeks,


Herbs available on request 



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Vegetables delivered weekly to Goulburn and Taralga

All vegetables grown without chemicals . Slugs are controlled by the duck patrol . 


Email for current availability list

Two bag sizes ,enough for a family of four or the sample bag